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The way I can to be always a Carl Brutananadilewski

The way I can to be always a Carl Brutananadilewski

February 19, 1961

„Yeah! Tonight!“ „I do not require no guidelines to understand just how to rock!“ „Okay have crappy week-end! Hope your home burns down.“ „Bitch, seriously!“ „What occurred to my freakin‘ automobile?!“ „Get out of my friggin pool!“ „Friendship ain’t about trust. Friendship’s about nunchucks.“ |abilities = dramatically strong

first appear

final look

Functions from the house Previously worked at a Styrofoam peanut factory before being replaced with a

|episode appearances = Carl will maybe not appear in listed here

Carl Brutananadilewski (better called just Carl) could be the tetartagonist associated with the adult that is popular program Aqua Teen Hunger Force. He could be voiced by the show’s co-creator Dave Willis whom additionally voices Meatwad together with Mooninite Ignignokt. In a job interview Dave Willis claimed that Carl could be the „basic label of men as a whole.“

Character Edit

Carl may be the Aqua Teens‘ quick tempered, balding, mustached, sarcastic neighbor whom lives in nj. He’s got a passion that is strong recreations, pornography, and classic stone (especially „a lot more than an atmosphere“ by Boston) that will help him together with his favorite task, masturbation. He generally dislikes the Aqua Teens, and considers them freaks. Carl often tolerates and welcomes them (hardly ever having a favourable result) perhaps as a result of loneliness. He has got a pool that the Aqua Teens usually utilize uninvited. Their vehicle and home tend to be damaged, and then he is frequently tortured and killed, somehow relating to the Aqua Teens. Their household features a father that is somewhat cruel worked in a carpeting factory, a mother whom he contends with more than the telephone, a male mafia cousin, and a lady second-cousin that is a solitary mom and Carl contends with but cares for. Their work is unknown (about it he claims to „work out of the home“ if he has one), but when asked. Within the episode „Moonajuana“, Carl told Frylock which he utilized to get results at a peanut factory. The episode „Gene E“ revealed that Carl learned „elevator repair“.

Their appearance includes blue sweatpants, a white tank top, a silver chain, and green flip-flops. Their car is

an Iroc, utilizing the visual „2Wyked“ regarding the part. In Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon film movie for Theaters, Carl gets enormous muscles that envelope his body from a workout machine that will be in change taken by Dr. Weird to battle Frylock. He’s therefore muscular and bulging with muscle tissue, he’s rendered struggling to go. Later within the movie, Carl’s gf Linda reveals „herself“ to be Dr. Weird in disguise. He cuts off Carl’s muscle tissue with a knife that is hunting grafts them onto his very own human anatomy. Carl endures, but just their mind and bones remain. Within the action that is live, final final One Forever and Ever, Carl had been played by Dave longer Jr. When you look at the episode he had been working at Dr. Weird’s castle, and ended up being a close buddy of Don Shake (the live-action type of Master Shake). Dave longer Jr.’s performance had been well-liked by the fans.

Carl’s automobile ended up being observed in The Brak Show episode „We Ski in Peace“, getting damaged by giant killer ants.

Web Spin-off Edit

Carl has their very own show on Adult Swim Video which will be just called Carl . He is included by the episodes ranting on about their remarks and feelings on activities, among other subjects. The show happens in Carl’s family room, that will be high in activities associated product; much like their alteration regarding the Aqua Teen’s family area in Sirens . In their series that is internet Carl tank top is red, white and blue with a „1“ about it, along with his perspiration jeans are really a darker blue with black colored stripes on it

Relationships utilizing the Aqua Teens Edit

From the three Aqua Teens, Carl likes Frylock the absolute most. Frylock will often you will need to assist Carl and even though in a few episodes he is indifferent from what occurs to Carl. Regardless of the known proven fact that Carl is mean and fast tempered to him, Frylock is generally good to him. Into the episode Party All the right Time, Carl allows Frylock remain at their household, then again he attempted to ask him as he will perish. Within the episode Laser Lenses, Carl thought Frylock seemed appealing as he got surgery from Terry. Carl always calls Frylock „Fryman“.

Master Shake Edit

From the three Aqua Teens, Carl resents Master Shake probably the most. Shake frequently tricks and rips him down. Like Meatwad and Frylock, Carl frequently calls Shake „Shake“. Carl will most likely additionally relate to Master Shake as „Cup“ or „Milkshake“. Into the episode Rabbot, Carl referred to understand Shake as „Mr. Food Monster“.

Meatwad Edit

Meatwad often likes Carl as buddy, but Carl does not like him. Into the episode Super Bowl, Carl pretended to like Meatwad to have an admission towards the Super Bowl. Into the movie Meatwad tried to share with Frylock how Carl that is important is but he could not think about such a thing (aside from having plenty of pornography). Within the live-action episode, final final One Forever and Ever , Meatwad attempted to hug Carl, but Carl kicked him. Carl always calls Meatwad „Meatman“ with the exception of Rubberman for which he described Meatwad as „little man“.