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Ten Reasons You Should Fall In Love With Tarot Card Reading

A renegade. However, we also ought to confront hardship, cope with all types of situations and people, make difficult decisions. Anti-establishment. This is called "the journey of the Fool". Conversely, the inverted card frequently is believed to represent excess stubbornness, stodginess, inflexibility or conformity. A few cards from this crucial arcana are for example Hanged Man and Wheel of Fortune. My way or the highway.

The reversed significant Arcana cards in your reading mean that you have to learn however the lesson linked to this card. In certain contexts, could suggest divorce. While the significant Arcana deals with the major archetypal elements, the Minor Arcana cards manage the day to day aspects of their lives. Also, possibly a warning of respiratory infections such as cold and flu. The Minor Arcana consists of four matches, each of these made out of 14 cards. 6 – The Lovers. The organic element related to Cups is water.

Observing the center. This lawsuit has to do mainly with connections, feelings and connections. Trust.

They are therefore important for all the aspects that are related to appreciate and to maters of their heart generally. Relationship. Cups also represent imagination and creativity, with their negative and positive associations. Responsibility.

On the positive side it is possible to put them to good use, like for accomplishing an artistic goal for example. Commitment. What Does it Mean When You Get Mostly Suit of Cups Cards at a Tarot Reading?

Also partnership and cooperation. Those getting mainly Cups in their Tarot readings are trying to find responses to heart-related things, such as love and psychological struggles. The Lovers could possibly be an indicator of a love affair, but has to do with making good choices. Card Meaning Card Meaning Ace of Cups Upright: adore, new connection Reversed: repressed feelings Two of Cups Upright: venture, taking a love affair to the next stage Reversed: break-up Three of Cups Upright: realized family / friendship dating Reversed: troubled family / friendship relationship Four of Cups Upright: meditation, apathy Reversed: missed chance Five of Cups Upright: reduction, grief Reversed: forgiveness, moving on Six of Cups Upright: nostalgia, paying for past mistakes Reversed: trapped tarot card reading in the previous Seven of Cups Upright: day dreaming, dream Reversed: illusion, lack of activity to produce plans come true Eight of Cups Upright: disappointment, withdrawal Reversed: walking away Nine of Cups Upright: satisfaction, joy Reversed: burnout, greed Ten of Cups Upright: joyful connection, harmany Reversed: broken dating Page of Cups Upright: creativity, getting a message Reversed: lack of creativity, lack of emotional intelligence Knight of Cups Upright: charm, romance Reversed: mood swings, jealousy Queen of Cups Upright: calm, compassion Reversed: dependence, lack of psychological stability King of Cups Upright: generosity, equilibrium Reversed: manipulation, moodiness. Recognize the distinction between love and infatuation. The organic element related to the Pentacles is Earth. Reversed.

Their meanings are mostly focused on substance aspects: money, work, property. Relationship problems. The interpretation with the Pentacles Suit is most often related to what you make out of your material fact. It might be Romeo and Juliet, enthusiastic lovers kept apart by their feuding families. How are you doing in terms of wealth, career and so forth? It might be discontent caused by a badly regarded union. As always, you can find to sides of this coin.

The unhappy consequences of bad choices. The negative part is related to going to the intense, i.e. to become too greedy, or too careless in terms of handling your finances, to excessively prioritizing work over anything else. In some contexts the harbinger of breakups or even divorce. Pentacles are also connected with ego and self-esteem, so watch out for this more esoteric symbolism, too. 7 – The Chariot. What Does it Mean When You Get Mostly Suit of Pentacles Cards at a Tarot Reading?

Triumph. This signifies is the one who receives the reading is mainly preoccupied with finding answers to material matters: career, money, possessions. Mastery. Card Meaning Card Meaning Ace of Pentacles Upright: business opportunity, wealth Reversed: fiscal crisis, sign not to launch new ventures Two of Pentacles Upright: equilibrium, prioritization Reversed: lack of management in terms of finances Three of Pentacles Upright: collaboration, results of challenging labour Reversed: laziness, lack of teamwork Four of Pentacles Upright: safety, conservatism Reversed: greed, materialism Five of Pentacles Upright: poverty, insecurity, worries Reversed: fiscal struggle recovery Six of Pentacles Upright: generosity, prosperity Reversed: selfishness, debt Seven of Pentacles Upright: reward, perseverance Reversed: lack of achievement Eight of Pentacles Upright: participation, learning Reversed: lack of attention, perfectionism Nine of Pentacles Upright: luxury, gratitude Reversed: monetary losses, overworking Ten of Pentacles Upright: wealth, retirement Reversed: reduction, financial collapse Page of Pentacles Upright: fiscal opportunity, new career Reversed: lack of progress Knight of Pentacles Upright: efficiency, conservatism Reversed: being "adhered ", boredom, laziness Queen of Pentacles Upright: down-to-earth, motherly Reversed: lack of work-life equilibrium King of Pentacles Upright: abundance, safety, management Reversed: too controlling, authoritative. But not simple and swift.

The organic element connected with the Swords is air. Achieved through careful preparation, hard work, power of will and foremost by harnessing disparate forces to work in unison. The normal Suit of Swords Tarot card meanings are connected with guts, change, activity.

Self control, confidence, dedication, work and focus that produce achievement. This lawsuit is also associated with the brain and wisdom. Overcoming obstacles. Action can result in achievements, but also to conflict, battles and hatred when utilized in the wrong way.

Also, frequently relates to traveling. What Does it Mean When You Get Mainly Suit of Swords Cards at a Reading? A trip or even a move might be coming shortly. Those that get a whole lot of Swords in their readings are preoccupied with finding responses to psychological level challenges (like creating a difficult decision), to conflicts and arguments. Reversed. Card Meaning Card Meaning Ace of Swords Upright: a new beginning, power Reversed: lack of activity at the ideal time Two of Swords Upright: inability to make-up ones thoughts Reversed: confusion within the upcoming steps Three of Swords Upright: being negatively affected by an act of somebody else Reversed: recovery following a painful loss Four of Swords Upright: peace, comfort Reversed: lack of attention, nervousness Five of Swords Upright: inconsistent behavior, tension Reversed: a forthcoming change, resentments coming from the previous Six of Swords Upright: transition, alter Reversed: stagnation Seven of Swords Upright: betrayal Reversed: somebody who betrayed you’ll be exposed Eight of Swords Upright: weakness, imprisonment Reversed: pushing to remove the obstacles Nine of Swords Upright: using a feeling of failure, fear Reversed: depression Ten of Swords Upright: tragic end, crisis Reversed: survival, recovery Page of Swords Upright: decided, smart, inquisitive Reversed: sneaky, not serious / trusted Knight of Swords Upright: honest, hasty, lacking practical sense Reversed: break-up, fight Queen of Swords Upright: individualist, thinking on your toes, analytical Reversed: cruel, dangerous, bitchy King of Swords Upright: wise, agile, spiritual Reversed: cold, shrewd. Difficulty or failure organizing disparate forces.

The element associated with the Wands is flame. Lack of control. Their meanings are linked to spirituality, intuition, personal energy. Lashing out. In readings, Wands are often connected to our suggestions and actions to push things forward. Rashness.

They have to do with what makes us enthusiastic. Indecision. On the positive side, they could possibly be linked to personal projects we are passionate about. Moving in circles.

On the flip side, they might symbolize lack of direction and significance. Occasionally interpreted as a warning of anxiety related illness, such as ulcers. What Does it Mean When One Gets Mainly Suit of Wands Cards at a Tarot Reading?

Additionally maybe vehicle or traveling problems.