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LACHAMPIONS | Celtic – Anderlecht (0-1) | BEINSPORT

LACHAMPIONS | Celtic – Anderlecht (0-1) | BEINSPORT

An own goal from Simunovic decided the match between the Scots and Belgians. Despite the victory, Anderlecht are left out of the Europa League.

LACHAMPIONS | Celtic – Anderlecht (0-1) | BEINSPORTS

Group C

Chelsea, 1 – Atlético de Madrid, 1

Atlético took the lead at Stamford Bridge through Saúl, fueling their qualifying hopes, but Savic’s own goal left the scoreboard in the final 1-1 that sends the rojiblancos to the Europa League.

LACHAMPIONS | Chelsea – Atlético de Madrid (1-1) | BEINSPORTS

Rome, 1 – Qarabag, 0

A single goal from Perotti allowed Roma to reach the round of 16 and do so as group winners. Double achievement for the ‚giallorossi‘, who avoid many ‚coconuts‘ in the second round.

LACHAMPIONS | Rome – Qarabag (1-0) | BEINSPORTS


Barcelona, ​​2 – Sporting de Portugal, 0

Barça closed the group stage with a win against Sporting de Portugal. Paco Alcácer opened the scoring with a header and Mathieu, in his own door, closed it in a game in which Messi only played the last half hour.

Olympiacos, 0 – Juventus, 2

A goal from Cuadrado in the 15th minute and another from Bernardeschi in the final stretch gave Juventus the victory in Greece, initiating their classification to the next phase as second in the group. 

LACHAMPIONS | Olympiacos – Juventus (0-2) | BEINSPORTS


Liverpool, 7 – Spartak Moscow, 0

Liverpool beat Spartak Moscow that gave them the group lead, thanks to Coutinho’s hat trick, Mané’s double and goals from Firmino and Mohamed Salah.

Liverpool overwhelmed Spartak Moscow, with three goals from Coutinho | BEINSPORTS

Maribor, 1 – Seville, 1

Sevilla went to the second round as second placed, after getting the point they needed against Slovenian Maribor, who went ahead with a goal from Tavares (10 ‚) that Ganso equalized in the final stretch (75‘).

Sevilla fulfilled the record and achieved a draw against Maribor | BEINSPORTS


Feyenoord, 2 – Naples, 1

Napoli fell to Feyenoord, despite going ahead on the scoreboard with a goal from Zielinski (2 ‚) and being traced back by two goals from Jörgensen (33‘) and St. Juste (90 ‚), but they qualified for the Europa League as a third party.

Napoli fell to Feyenoord and will have to play in the Europa League | BEINSPORTS

Shakhtar Donetsk, 2 – Manchester City, 1

Manchester City conceded their first defeat in the group stage of this Champions League against the second in the group, a superior Shakhtar with goals from Bernard (26 ‚) and Ismaily (32‘) that rendered the penalty goal sterile at the end of the ‚ Kun ‚Agüero (90‘).

Shakhtar ended City’s streak and made it to the round of 16 | BEINSPORTS


Porto, 5 – Monaco, 2

Porto thrashed and threw Monaco out of Europe to qualify as second for the second round, with a double from Aboubakar and goals from Brahimi, Alex Telles and Tiquinho against Glik’s, from a penalty, and Falcao.

Porto thrashed Monaco and managed to get into the second round of the Champions League | BEINSPORTS

RB Leipzig, 1 – Besiktas, 2

Besiktas confirmed their lead against RB Leipzig away from home, with an early penalty from Negredo (10 ‚) and another from Tolisca (90‘) that broke the tie achieved earlier by Keita (87 ‚).

RB Leipzig lost to Besiktas and will play the Europa League | BEINSPORTS


Real Madrid, 3 – Borussia Dortmund, 2

Real Madrid beat Borussia Dortmund to the limit and qualified as second for the round of 16, with a goal from Lucas Vázquez (81 ‚) that surpassed the tie achieved by Aubameyang’s double (43‘ and 49 ‚) after Borja’s goals Mayoral (8 ‚) and top scorer Cristiano Ronaldo (12‘).

Real Madrid defeated Borussia Dortmund in the last match of the Champions League group stage | BEINSPORTS

Tottenham, 3 – APOEL Nicosia, 0

A resounding win by leader Tottenham against APOEL, fourth in the group and outside of Europe, with goals from Llorente (20 ‚), Son Heung-Min (37‘) and N’Koudou (80 ‚).

Tottenham passed APOEL and closed an almost perfect first phase | sport

Movistar Inter will fight against El Pozo de Murcia for its tenth Spanish Cup trophy after beating a combative Jaén Paraíso Interior in the second semifinal of the tournament who was alive until the final whistle and ended up losing by a tight 1-2.

Mar 11, 2017 at 22:58 CET







Didac; Mauricio, Boyis, Mauricinho and Chino (starting five). Also playing were Dani Cabezón, Fabián, Murga, Campoy, Víctor Montes, Dani Martin, Javi Alonso, José López and Solano.


Jesus Herrero; Pola, Ricardinho Taffy and Rafael (starting five). Alex González, Lolo, Daniel, Rivillos, Borja, Darlan, David Pazos, Ortiz and Gadeia also played.


Felipe Madorran and Urdanoz Apezteguia. They admonished Campoy, Boyis, Mauricio and Didac, from Jaén Paraíso Interior and Daniel and Rafael from Movistar Inter with yellow cardboard.


0-1, Ricardinho (min. 1). 1-1, Mauricio (min. 2). 1-2, Bruno Taffy (min. 34).


Match corresponding to the semifinals of the Spanish Cup, played at the Quijote Arena in Ciudad Real, with more than 5,500 spectators, about two thousand of them from Jaén.

The Torrejón machine had in front of the champions of two seasons ago, an Andalusian team supported in the stands by some 2,000 fans who turned the Quijote Arena into the Jaén pavilion of the Salobreja and who, in the most complicated moments, breathed all their support to app some players who were fired with a standing ovation for their effort.

At the start, Movistar Inter, in the first approach with only half a minute of play, went ahead thanks to the magician Ricardinho with a ball that came from his field and, after holding Didac well, beat him to the opposite post.

But Jaén, in the same way, on the next play, scored the equalizer with a goal from Mauricio who, from the forcefulness with which he hit the ball, hit the base of the iron and went out, but the goal went up to the scoreboard to the two minutes of play, despite initial doubts.

With control of the ball by the King of Cups, with nine twisted shots throughout its history, Movistar Inter hardly created any danger, with which Jaén defended comfortably and, when he left, he did so with tremendous speed and mobility, with Solano leading the rush, started by Campoy.

Chino, in a strategic move, in the 17th minute, was able to overtake the Jaén team, with a spectacular shot to the cross of Jesús Herrero’s goal.

Jaén stood up to the end

The last minutes, with the Madrid team already in five fouls, there was only one play by Ricardinho with a pass to Gadeia that Didac aborted.

The second part opened with the same arguments, where the weight of the match was carried by the Madrid team, while the Andalusian, well established, multiplied in not leaving holes for those from Torrejón de Ardoz.

So the minutes went by, until the 28th, where Ricardinho in an individual play looked for the base of the goal post well defended by Didac

A minute later Gadeia had it, but I misplaced my foot and raised it excessively.

They were the moments of greatest siege of the current champions, with a Jaén that multiplied in each one of the actions.

Those from Santo Reino had another opportunity to beat Jesús Herrero on 32nd, with Mauricinho finishing and saving the Madrid goal.

The reply came from Daniel, who set the shot quickly and Didac responded with quality, as in the entire match.

Bruno Taffy overtook Movistar Inter, with 6 minutes to go, in a beautiful personal action with a pipe included that qualified his team for the final.

This served so that Jaén turned in search of the tie and putting Javier Roca to play five for his team, with Chino as goalkeeper player.

Dumped on the goal of Jesús Herrero, Jaén ended the game, with the opportunity for Solano, on Campoy, which he did not reach and shot from Mauricinho, who bounced off the Torrejonera defense, ending the illusions of the 2015 champion.

Cardinal put ElPozo in the final in the last second and without a goalkeeper

An imperial Ricardinho frustrated the colomense dream of going to ’semis‘

In this way, the current champion of the Spanish Cup, achieves the pass to the final, where he will try to get his tenth trophy, although he will face an ElPozo that has not won it since 2010.

With much more trouble than anticipated, Movistar Inter reached the semifinals after beating Catgas Energia Santa Coloma 6-5, which once again showed ample signs of its greatness. Therefore, Jesús Velasco’s men will face Jaén Paraíso Interior this Saturday in the second semifinal (8.15pm).


On 03/11/2017 at 00:20 CET

David rubio







(2 + 4): Jesús Herrero (p.), Lolo, Rafael (1), Daniel, Ricardinho (3, 1 p.p.) -starting five-, Pola, Borja, Gadeia (1), Taffy (1),.


(1 + 4): Prieto (p.), Del Moral, Sepe, Rescia (1), Dani Salgado (1) -starting five-, Lucas, Javi Rodríguez (1), Corvo and Sergio (1).


Cordero Gallardo and Linares Lopez (Andalusian). They showed a yellow card to Rafael, from Movistar Inter.


0-1, Dani Salgado (2:23); 1-1, Rafael (12:02); 2-1, Taffy (12:32); 2-2, Ricardinho, p.p. (24:51); 3-2, Ricardinho (26:28); 4-2, Ricardinho (26:46); 4-3, Sergio (26:54); 4-4, Rescia (28:24); 5-4, Gadeia (32:38); 6-4, Ricardinho (39:11); 6-5, Javi Rodríguez (39:46).


Fourth quarter-final match of the Spanish Futsal Cup, played at the Pabellón Quijote Arena in Ciudad Real in front of 4,500 spectators.

Despite having lost Rafa López last weekend (he made his debut in Ciudad Real as a new Barça Lassa player), the Colomense team appealed to the struggle and their tactical concepts to make life very difficult for the current champion.